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Service Programs

Service work conducted by EDT GROUP is performed by fully certified and regularly trained service technicians; among the greatest benefits we offer is emergency service where a single phone call secures emergency service for HVAC, UPS, Monitoring and Automation and Controls equipment, while we can then use our emergency stores of spare parts to shorten our reaction time and keep downtime for repairs to a minimum.

EDT GROUP provides its customers with 24-hour technical and telephone support if any problems occur with a response time of a maximum of 2 hours from the announcement of a failure or fault. EDT GROUP can also secure a backup solution to assure seamless data centre operations if spare parts have long lead times. All EDT GROUP service technicians are professionally trained for their work activities and trained to respect OHS and Fire Safety regulations in data centre premises.

EDT GROUP provides its customers with:
  • Regular (warranty/post-warranty) service
  • Irregular service
  • Emergency service, 24/7/365 with a response time of 2 hours or less
  • Telephone helpdesk 24/7/365
  • Emergency stores of spare parts are maintained
  • Regular training for operating staff
  • Administration of records for all faults in installed equipment
  • Completion and archiving of documentation from service inspections / service work
  • Completion of required reference materials and documentation for appropriate authorities pursuant to valid laws
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