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Energy Audit


The purpose of an energy audit is to map the current condition of systems in technical spaces and then to propose steps to improve the efficiency of individual processes. An audit includes the determination of estimated costs to perform such measures and the definition of a return on investment.

An energy audit is used to give customers an idea of the way forward and the scope of changes that may be necessary to achieve real operating cost savings. 

Our professionals use the latest technology during an energy audit including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, which is a computer simulation of air flow in a space, enabling the observation of dynamics in currents of particles and thanks to which we are able to increase cooling efficiency, in both existing data centres and data centres in the design stage.

  • Data centre modelling from the point of view of air flow in space and its temperature field
  • Assessment of the composition of equipment and distribution elements in the space
  • Assessment of the condition of existing technical equipment
  • Assessment of air flow through individual distribution elements and looking for short-circuiting in air flow
  • Thermal imaging to check for hot spots in the space
  • Proposal and comparison of measures to increase cooling efficiency
  • Assessment of potential savings and return on investment when replacing existing units for more energy efficient equipment
  • Analysis after completing measures designed to increase cooling efficiency in the space
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